Welcome to WILD CLUB

- Spring Edition -

Deep in BC’s backcountry, experience a unique, bespoke combination of survival skills, exploration and deep coaching. Pushed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, You’ll experience a connection with yourself and with your team that you never knew was possible. 

This is not your average adventure trip. 

This is an adventure into transformation. 

A chance to dive into the unknown and experience things you didn’t believe were possible. You’ll explore the farthest and wildest reaches of your soul, and discover resources that you didn’t know you had.  As a group, you will integrate these experiences and lessons back into your life, your business and your relationships. And on top of all that, you will have a kickass adventure with some of the most interesting entrepreneurs and adventurers you’ve ever met.

How will your life be transformed?
  • Discover the intrinsic connection between leadership, spirituality and adventure.
  • Ignite your vision and experience a deep sense of purpose and meaning.
  • Connect with yourself and your team in ways you never thought possible.
  • Understand the spiritual impact of adventure on your business.
  • Learn the keys to success and deep connection through adventure.
  • Learn backcountry navigation and survival skills.

What are the details?

With a maximum of just 6 participants, this will be a truly intimate experience like no other. You’ll walk away with a new appreciation for what’s possible and skills for life. 

We will be based out of the Journeyman Lodge in the Callaghan region, near Whistler. The experience will be designed around YOU, the participants.

The next WILD CLUB will take place
→ May 27 – 31 2021 ←

SAMPLE ITINERARY (Subject to change)

Day 1:
PM – Arrival, check in, set up Base Camp, opening ceremony. 

Day 2:
AM –
Survival skills
PM – Survival skills, group coaching session

Day 3:
AM –
Hike to glacier lake
PM – Camp at lake, group coaching session

Day 4:
AM –
Return to Base Camp, Briefing
PM – Solo wild camp

Day 5:
AM –
Return to Base Camp
PM – Group coaching session, closing ceremony, departure

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Meet the team

Tom Lancaster

Tom is a transformational coach and Co-Founder of Vortex, based in Vancouver, BC. His sweet spot is the intersection between adventure, consciousness and business, and through the exploration of these three areas, he is building an entirely new way of looking at human consciousness from the ground up, Adventure Consciousness

Curtis Friesen

Curtis is a spiritual seeker and lifetime adventurer. He’s a co-founder of Vortex based out of Vancouver BC. He loves being part of the transformation happening on the planet right now. He envisions a world where people are creating from their gifts. The vision he holds for this possibility is so strong that he has created a language, a conversation and a community to bring this vision into reality.

Guillaume Otis

As owner and lead guide of Coast Mountain Guides, you may find Guillaume anchored to a granite face, carefully analyzing snow stability through compression tests, or carving epic powder lines. Guillaume has over 20 years of guiding experience and a long list of personal achievements, including a proud family with two young boys. Guillaume is always seeking new adventures to explore out there in his element

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"My work with them has shifted my perspective in ways that has led to exponential growth, breakthroughs, and insights I never dreamt possible in such a short time."​

When I first met with Tom and Curtis I was in a place of transition from one entrepreneurial landscape to another. I was very much in a mindset of action and getting things done and had a decent amount of fear around the timeline I had set out for myself for hitting the ground running and achieving some big financial goals. I was looking for tools, strategies, and hacks to expedite my transition, satiate my anxiety, and to attract success from outside of myself. After just one session with the two of them, they uncovered a deeper, more profound desire than the one I had walked in with.

They helped me to realize that my real goal was to provide exponential value for my clients, be of service in massively impactful ways, and to reconnect to a deep sense of being from which the miraculous could emerge. Needless to say, we started our coaching around that instead of my surface-level desire for instant success and money and the session that followed were transformative.

Tom and Curtis are inquisitive and genuinely phenomenal listeners. They hear not only the words that you share but also pick up on the feelings behind them and the energetic shifts that occur within you during your time with them and in how you show up after the time between sessions.

Tom and Curtis could see the greatness in me the moment I walked in the door and have had the commitment and courage to call me out when I am playing smaller than my vision or not in alignment with my highest purpose. They tell me the truths that no one else is brave enough to and hold me accountable to the huge goals and huge impact I am creating in the world. My work with them has shifted my perspective in ways that has led to exponential growth, breakthroughs, and insights I never dreamt possible in such a short time.

My life is a completely different place since working with these two and I can not put a price on that. My experience with them has been and continues to be exponentially valuable and a profoundly game-changing, paradigm-shifting experience. ​

Vancouver, Canada

“I had no idea how close to my dream life I actually was”

“Thank you both so much for your time and energy. It’s hard to put into words how much this means to me. While I love being around people, talking and sharing, I rarely find myself in a position where I am being questioned so honestly without being able to divert conversation away from myself. I’m used to the shoe being on the other foot. If I’m honest it makes me feel uncomfortable but that only suggests we are getting down to the nitty gritty where real change happens.

For the first time since I started my agroecology project, I’m feeling rock solid in my resolve to put my energy where I know it will serve me and the business best. Simply giving voice to these ideas brings them to life, and now they are out in the world. I have since appeared on TV twice, I’m in conversation with some major brands about collaboration, I have more volunteers on the farm than I know what to do with. I’ve reconnected with my yoga practice and given up sugar - I feel like I have so much more energy to drive this project forwards!

Byron Bay, Australia
Hungry earth agroecology 

"In ten weeks working with Tom and Curtis, I achieved more in my business than in the last ten years"

"The chemistry was immediate and super positive. Together we worked through a series of critical exercises to isolate my true superpower that I have to share with the world. Meanwhile, they helped me look my true self in the eyes and see the passion that drives me for what it really is. How can you build your brand if you are fooling yourself about what your true motives are and where your passion actually lies?"

Squamish, Canada

Find out more about this once-in-a-lifetime experience.